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    Comments: It is my honor to write a review about my experience with Dr Joseph Brindise.

    I experience a level of excellence the first time I watched him interact with my niece who had recent surgery on her leg/ankle. Our meetings before the surgery were very thorough and informative. We didn’t feel rushed when we came into the office nor when we expressed concerns before and post-surgery.

    We felt like all uncertainties were dismissed as Dr Joseph Brindise provided excellent patient education and effective communication skills. Dr Joseph Brindise took his time explaining the process in order to promote a successful outcome. Dr Joseph Brindise bedside manner was wonderful as he displayed a compassionate spirit of care and great concern.

    A couple of days prior to the surgery, Dr Joseph Brindise called to see how my niece was doing. That was awesome! Dr Joseph Brindise made her feel special. The incision looked great and everything went smoothly like he said it would.

    The office staffed worked promptly on getting insurance authorization/paperwork completed in a timely manner; and they were always polite and courtesy upon each visit. The office atmosphere was very relaxed yet professional.

    Having surgery was unfortunate; but how Dr Joseph Brindise made my niece feel during the whole process was priceless.

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