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Romano Orthopaedic Center

Serving Greater Chicago for Over 20 Years

We provide orthopaedic surgery, therapy, and care for patients of all ages.

You will always receive the highest level of personalized service and attention from our compassionate staff. We pledge to treat every patient as we treat our own family members.

Our goal is to provide you with preventative healthcare techniques, quality care, and post-surgical treatment with no short cuts.

"I want to take care of the whole person. I care about making people well, not just fixing a specific problem. I really believe everything is related. I don’t want to just treat a shoulder or a knee. I want to make the patient healthier in general. I want to make them well."

"I’m interested in more natural modalities—physical therapy, sleep and nutrition—and I think patients are, too. People are more of the mindset now of wanting health—robust, lasting health—not just a fix for a particular problem. You have to have an integrated and modern approach for that to happen."

– Dr. Romano

Romano Orthopaedic Center

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