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  • 11 Running Trails in the Chicago Area to Try

    Chicago is a runner's oasis with scenery, skylines, and a variety of terrain to get miles in. From quick loops in the middle of the city to tougher terrain in the suburbs, there are plenty of choices for runners of…

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  • The Causes of Lower Back Pain When Breathing

    Who would have thought that lower back pain when breathing is linked to sinus congestion and nasal blockage? I have found that some neck and back pain, along with associated weakness and balance problems, can be improved by eliminating sinus…

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  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises & Stretches For Relief

    Living with sacroiliitis (SI) can be painful and frustrating. It’s a discomforting condition that happens when the joint located in your lower back (right where your pelvis connects with your spine) gets inflamed. If it hits you, you might feel…

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  • Do I Have Arthritis In My Knee or a Meniscus Tear?

    As we all get older, we all begin to notice aches and pains during activities that were once comfortable. Aches and pains in our knees are an unavoidable factor as we age, but it can also mean that you’re experiencing…

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  • Tune in to hear Dr. Romano on Sunday, February 12, 2017

    We are excited to announce that Dr. Romano will be featured on The Doris Davenport Show this Sunday. He will discuss the importance of strength and balance in your daily lives. It is your chance to learn how to be…

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