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    Comments: On Friday, August 4, 2017 I severed my index and middle fingers of my left hand while using a circular saw. I was rushed to Mt. Sinai. They did not perform the surgery because we left my wallet (which contained my insurance card) at home, thus having no proof of insurance. Dr. ‘John Doe’ told us that it was a dirty wound and that the surgery could not be done. (my wonderful wife took pictures of both severed fingers) He cleaned both fingers, stitched them up and told to come back Monday, August 7th. We went back, X-rays were taken and we met with the hand specialist who would perform the surgery Wednesday, August 9th. 2017. We were told we needed a referral. I went to my PCP, he did it and told me to go home where he would call me and give me the authorization number. I went home and upon entering my house, Mt. Sinai called and told us that Blue Cross and Blue Shield would not give the authorization to perform the surgery. My wife and I joined hands and prayed in agreement that Dr. Romano would perform the surgery on the morning of Wednesday, August 9th. 2017. The Lord led my wife to call Romano Orthopaedics. She did and Dr. Romano answered the phone. My wife was shocked that it was actually him that answered. She told Dr. Romano that I had severally hurt my left hand. Dr. Romano told my wife that he was with a patient and would transfer her to his assistant Ms. Kelly. My wife spoke to Ms. Kelly and an appointment was made for the following day, Tuesday, August 8th, at 10:30am for us to come in. (4 days have gone by and no surgery) We arrived at the Dr. Romano’s office. She showed several staff members the pictures she took. She took the memory card out of the camera and gave it to Ms. Meagan. who then down loaded them to their computer system. I was taken back for x-rays. I was escorted back to the receptionist area. We went back to one of the rooms to meet with Dr. Romano. After some minutes Dr. Romano walked in, greeted and hugged my wife and shook my hand. “Hi Mr. Robinson. How are you doing?” “I’m ok Doc. “Listen, I have an associate at Loyola who can perform the surgery.” I said, “Ok Doc. Thank you.” Dr. Romano then pulled up the rolling chair and asked his assistant to pull up the x-rays. He looked at the x-rays, then he looked at me. He looked at the x-rays, then he looked at me and said, “I will perform the surgery tomorrow morning, which would be Wednesday, August 9th.” My wife started crying, I started crying and then I pointed towards heaven and said, “FATHER, YOU are faithful. Thank YOU!” My wife hugged Dr. Romano and his entire team. So did I!. He then told us that it was either his half day or a vacation day. For him to perform the surgery on his off day was truly humbling to me. The selflessness and care he showed towards my wife and I will never be forgotten. I consider Dr. Romano, not only a caring, compassionate, devoted, gifted orthopaedic surgeon, but a very dear friend. I’ve been sharing my testimony with a lot of people and if I come across anyone who needs an orthopaedic surgeon, I will refer them to Romano Orthopaedics, L.L.C. and Dr. Victor Romano.

    Thank you again Dr. Romano.

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