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    Comments: I’ve been very happy about my experiences with Dr. Romano and his team. I first saw him when his practice was part of Hinsdale Orthopaedics – Oak Park. He’s since split away and gone out on his own. My first experiences with this practice date back to when it was Trinity Orthopaedics. Dr. Sheehan was an exceptional doctor and Dr. Romano keeps to that tradition. He is thorough with his exams and spends a lot of time interacting with patients and understanding their concerns. I like that he seems to focus more on rehabilitation than surgical intervention, instead favoring physical therapy, sports medicine, and other non-invasive approaches. At the same time, he’s not going to ignore the need for surgery when it will get the job done. I trust Dr. Romano to take care of me and do a do a good job. He’s an all-around excellent surgeon.

    One thing that stands out about Dr. Romano is his unique diagnostic approach. He focuses on root causes. He explained to me about one patient who came in wanting shoulder surgery, but he was able to trace the cause to the mid-back. When he treated that, the shoulder pain went away. Had he operated on the shoulder, it probably would have continued to hurt because the shoulder was fine. I went in for an injury and he was quickly able to pinpoint the cause and get me to physical therapy. The physical therapy department in his office, led by Dr. Nugent, is excellent.

    The guy is really smart and cares a lot about his patients. The only downside is that you may wait a while to be seen. His thoroughness comes at a minor cost. The waits can be long some days, but I’d rather wait for good service than have a doctor spend 2-3 minutes with me on a half-assed exam but be right on schedule. I understand they limit the number of presenting concerns you can bring in a single visit, but that makes sense.

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