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“We want people to return to their sport or job as fast as possible when an emergency occurs. We are happy to accommodate our patients needs when something unexpected happens.” – Dr. Romano

Life has risks. Even the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning can lead to a trip, a slip, and a nasty fall – causing a concussion, bone fracture, dislocation, muscle tear, or any number of painful and debilitating results.

You just never know. That’s why Dr. Romano and the team here at Romano Orthopaedics literally “bend over backwards” to adjust our schedules to rapidly respond to emergencies and your pressing needs.

With the most advanced technology available, Dr. Romano can quickly diagnose and treat the full spectrum of unexpected injuries and trauma – with the goal of not only ending your pain, but also working backwards in a thoughtful, comprehensive way to identify related issues that may have actually led to the problem to begin with.

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