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  • Do I Have Arthritis In My Knee or a Meniscus Tear?

    As we all get older, we all begin to notice aches and pains during activities that were once comfortable. Aches and pains in our knees are an unavoidable factor as we age, but it can also mean that you’re experiencing…

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  • Tune in to hear Dr. Romano on Sunday, February 12, 2017

    We are excited to announce that Dr. Romano will be featured on The Doris Davenport Show this Sunday. He will discuss the importance of strength and balance in your daily lives. It is your chance to learn how to be…

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  • Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is quite often undiagnosed. People with back pain or other major injuries are not going to get better if they’re not sleeping well. People come to me all the time saying, ‘My shoulder really hurts me and it’s waking me up every night.

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  • Autonomic Neuro-Muscular Reflex Testing

    In orthopaedics, we typically focus on your complaints, physical findings, X-rays and MRIs. However, our bodies are adeptly designed to compensate for injuries. At times, our presenting complaint may be far from the true cause of the underlying injury.

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  • Arthritis Care

    My approach to arthritis care is very conservative. Although I am a surgeon, I believe that you should have an operation only as a last resort. Total joint replacements are wonderful and can be life-changing.

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